App note: Lithium ion battery charger using C8051F300

Introduction Driven by the need for untethered mobility and ease of use, many systems rely on rechargable bat- teries as their primary power source. The battery charging circuitry for th ese systems is typically implemented using a fixed- function IC to control the charging current/voltage profile. The C8051F30x family provides a flexible alterna- tive to fixed-function batt ery chargers. This appli- cation ...

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“Smart” lithium-ion battery would warn users if it is going to ignite

There have been numerous cases of lithium-ion batteries catching fire in everything from mobile phones and laptops to cars and airplanes. While the odds of this occurring are low, the fact that hundreds of millions of lithium-ion batteries are produced and sold every year means the risk is still very real. Researchers at Stanford University have now developed a "smart" lithium-ion battery that would provide ...

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