Yet Another Daft Punk Coffee Table (5×5 LED Matrix) using arduino

Yes, I know this has been done before, but I wanted to build my own, using as few parts as possible.  I built this as a table top or wall mount model, but it can be scaled up to make a coffee table.  I built it as a study for a more ambitious project, which will be an 8x8 RGB coffee table.  In designing this project, I wanted to keep the part count and cost as low as possible, and also to design the softwar ...

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LED matrix using shift registers using arduino

This instructable is meant to be a more complete explanation than others available online. Notably, this will provide more hardware explanation than is available in the LED Marquee instructable by led555. Goals This instructable presents the concepts involved with shift registers and high side drivers. By illustrating these concepts with an 8x8 LED matrix I hope to provide you with the tools needed to adapt ...

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