Washer Dryer Laundry Alarm using Arudino & SMS Text Messaging Alerts

Have you ever wished there was a better way to be notified when your laundry was done? Have you ever forgotten a load in the washer because you couldn't hear the buzzer and your clothes became smelly and moldy from sitting there for too long? Well, I have and decided to solve this problem by building this simple notification system using an Arudino microcontroller. It uses a dual-axis accelerometer to detec ...

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A laundry alarm for the hearing impaired and everyone else using Arduino

This Arduino based project was designed to solve a recurring problem for my hearing impaired wife. Our laundry room is located remotely from our living area.  If our laundry has finished washing and is not removed in time, it can sour or even get moldy.   If our laundry has finished drying and is not removed promptly, then severe wrinkling occurs.   My solution is to sense when the washer or dryer has turne ...

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