Arduino Laser Show (adapted from NothingLabs’ Instructable)

This project uses an Arduino, a pair of speakers, and a laser pointer to create a laser projector able to trace out designs in a dark room. To power it, I've cannibalized a PC ATX power supply capable of delivering plenty of current for the speakers. Most of this project was directly adapted from the excellent Arduino Laser Show with Full X-Y Control by Rich Olson / nothinglabs. Step 1: The Big Idea Laser p ...

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Control Fluorescent Lights with a Laser Pointer and an Arduino

A few members of the Alpha One Labs Hackerspace do not like the harsh light given out by fluorescent fixtures.  They wanted a way to be able to easily control the individual fixtures, perhaps with a laser pointer? I got right on it.  I dug out a pile of solid state relays and brought them to the Lab.  I bought an Arduino Duemilenova and demonstrated the use of the LED Blink example sketch to actually blink ...

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