DIY USB to TTL Converter

Now that the PC’s com port or Serial port is almost obsolete there is quite a lot of requirement for USB to TTL or USB to RS232 converter. USB to TTL converters are required for interfacing microcontrollers to PC it is also required for loading code in Arduino Mini, setting/modifying ESP8266 firmware. Over here we are going to make a do it yourself (DIY) USB to TTL Module on a breadboard. Lots of USB to TTL ...

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DIY ECG with 1 op-amp

I made surprisingly good ECG from a single op-amp and 5 resistors! An ECG (electrocardiograph, sometimes called EKG) is a graph of the electrical potential your heart produces as it beats. Seven years ago I posted DIY ECG Machine on the Cheap which showed a discernible ECG I obtained using an op-amp, two resistors, and a capacitor outputting to a PC sound card’s micro ...

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Kid-friendly PuppyDuino 0.31

OK, this is not a fully autonomous "get you a beer, open it for you and then tweet about it" robodog (yet ;) but if you're itching to get past the blinky lights on a breadboard stage with your Arduino and you're ten or know somebody that's ten this might appeal to you. This is actually the first published part of an afterschool learning project I'm working on that demonstrates the Arduino UNO beyond flashin ...

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