MKR1000 Pushover Status

Send status messages of your MKR1000 via Pushover service to your mobile phone, etc. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Story An IoT node must be trimmed to reduce current consumption due to battery life. A WiFi-based node as Arduino MKR1000 needs a lot of current while sending. To avoid a high current consumption over time the controller should sleep the most time, wake up for ...

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Power Conversion Options for Energy Harvesting IoT Nodes

Environmental energy harvesting is a possible source of power for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor nodes but needs careful management. Unless harvesters based on solar or thermal technology, for example, are designed to be compatible with conventional circuits, DC/DC converters need to be optimized for low-voltage inputs. Sensor nodes for the Internet of Things often need to placed well away from a reliable ...

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