Eco-friendly electronics of the future will be designed to disappear

Researchers at Scandinavian research organization SINTEF have made progress in developing components that dissolve in water. Printed on a silicon wafer, the components contain extremely thin circuits — only a few nanometers thick — that are designed to transfer energy. They are made of a combination of magnesium, silicon, or silicon with a magnesium additive; are water-soluble; and disappear after a few hou ...

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Kid-friendly PuppyDuino 0.31

OK, this is not a fully autonomous "get you a beer, open it for you and then tweet about it" robodog (yet ;) but if you're itching to get past the blinky lights on a breadboard stage with your Arduino and you're ten or know somebody that's ten this might appeal to you. This is actually the first published part of an afterschool learning project I'm working on that demonstrates the Arduino UNO beyond flashin ...

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