Diyouware TwinTeeth: The PCB mini-factory

TwinTeeth Basic and Plus are open-source PCB mini-factories targeted to the electronic hobbyists. They are innovative fabricators of Arduino™ shield-size PCBs which help you to make PCB prototypes at home and learn a lot about mechatronics. It includes the following functions: UV Laser photoengraving on sensitive film or presensitized boards using an ultraviolet laser. Drilling vias and holes using any mini ...

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A visit to the Arduino factory on DomusWeb

The entire manufacturing process (except for certain purchased components) [of Arduino boards] takes place in and around Strambino, Ivrea, in a context dominated by the small- and medium-sized companies that are typical of Italian industrial districts and of the “Made in Italy” phenomenon itself. Ivrea’s history is another interesting part of the picture. The city was intimately tied to the presence of Oliv ...

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