RFID touch screen Automated Bar – Barduino v2.0 with Facebook Integration!

Got an Arduino? Like parties / alcohol? Can't be bothered to make your own bar quality cocktails? Make a Barduino! Its back, with new features in v2.0: Facebook integration - Facebook registration Page to track and graph drink consumption Touchscreen with gesture support RFID user login - sync with Facebook profile photo SQL drink database After party drink stats Illuminated drink dispenser The fully automa ...

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Gut Check a Tweeting and Facebooking Fridge using Arduino

I have a problem, I'm trying to lose weight but I love snacking late at night. And no one knows that I even do it. That being one of my biggest hurdles, I figured why not include all my social media friends and followers in helping me. Whether they know it or not. So I decided to hook up my fridge to the internet, with an arduino and wishield and have it post to facebook and twitter whenever I try and get m ...

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