Simple Event Counter

Microcontroller based miniscule event counter presented here is based on the inexpensive Digispark Attiny development board. One advantage of this design is that any type of active or passive switch can be connected to its trigger input. Whenever the switch closes event will be counted inside the microcontroller and would be displayed on the 4-digit LED display module, a type generally known as TM1637 LED D ...

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Arduino Event-Driven Universal AV Remote

TL;DR - I wanted all of my AV components to turn on and change inputs as soon as I started Airplaying music to my Apple TV from my iPhone, so I popped open the Apple TV, wired up a photocell sensor to an Arduino Uno, wired up some Infrared LEDs, wrote some code, and made it happen. Here it is in action. The Problem When I want to listen to music on my AV system, I hit Airplay on my iPhone/Pad (in itunes/pan ...

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