Using Efficient SPI Peripherals for Low-Cost MCU-Based IoT Designs

Efficient Internet of Things (IoT) designs must balance a host of requirements that often work against each other. Low cost is important, but often supporting all the key features required by the application increases MCU pin count and memory size—two things that work against low cost. Low power is also important for IoT applications where battery operation is a must. Adding features and improving performan ...

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Silent Switcher with high efficiency and low EMI/EMC

The latest automotive electronics boom has added many new features to engine control, entertainment, safety systems and more. In this very harsh environment that an automobile will experience, there are stringent features that need to be a part of any electronics devices is the system. At a minimum, any IC needs to see robust operation in a wide range of voltages while handling transients of more than 36V i ...

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