Internet Datalogging With Arduino and XBee WiFi

Introduction Are you looking to get your data gathering project hooked into the “Internet-of-Things”? Then check out! It makes posting data to the web as easy as constructing a URL and POSTing it to a server. I wanted to create a quick project to test out SparkFun’s data logging service. Combining an Arduino, XBee WiFi module, and a variety of gas, temperature, and light sensors I built an ...

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Arduino datalogging accelerometer with µ-SD storage

Thanks to Will Greiman's Fat16 library for the Arduino, I finally got a useful version of this datalogger working! Here's the schematic: And here's the code. The code is highly configurable: it can save raw A/D values or converted values, it allows software-defined gain, it can collect for a set time or until user input, and of course the collection interval is user-defined. It also includes a "DEBUG" mode, ...

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