Three colour 2.9 Inch eInk display breakout lands at Adafruit for $34.95

If your next electronics project requires an eInk display you may be interested to know that Adafruit has announced the availability of the 2.9″ Red/Black/White eInk Display Breakout, THINK INK priced at $34.95. Check out the video below to learn more about the eInk display breakout screen which measures 80.0mm x 47.0mm x 5.0mm or 3.1″ x 1.9″ x 0.2″ and weighs just 23.0g or 0.8oz. “Easy e-paper finally come ...

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96×48 full-color LED Matrix

LED Panels A few years ago I built a red-only 32 pixels high, 96 pixels wide LED Matrix, and due to all the positive responses I sought out to do it again the year after with a bigger better matrix. I did some research into affordable solutions, and as usual ended up with Chinese vendors. I got my hands on about 10 32×16 RGB LED panels with a 1cm pixel pitch, and a HUB75 connection, quite similar to the ADA ...

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