Clap activated LED strip

This Instructable shows you how to build a clap activated LED strip. The whole project is based on the Adafruit's Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock, where the user can record a secret knock pattern which will open the lock inside the drawer. I thought that I could use this to siwtch an LED strip on and off with a handclap pattern. So let's begin! Step 1: Components I used the following components to build ...

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The Viciously Simple Clap-ON Clap-OFF Circuit For Arduino

Hi Everyone! I've had a few people ask about creating a simple clap-on/clap-off circuit using Arduino. Well those who are interested are now in luck. The software in this instructable is simple and well commented. The schematic is simple, and the components are easy and inexpensive to acquire! All you'll need are 6x components, and an Arduino UNO. I hope that this helps those of you who need to build this f ...

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