Track and Control Your Car Remotely

Actually, many of us may suffer or afraid from being his car stolen. In this project, I will try to help you to protect your cars and even control them remotely. Basically, you have to leave a mobile phone in your car and when the car starts to move it uses its sensors to detect that and will send to you a message on your mobile phone where ever you are. Then, you can send a message to stop the car immediat ...

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CarTracker – GPS Car locator

Have you come out of a store and said to yourself, where did I park my car? Well, I have. Now, there are a lot of smartphone applications that can help you locate your car but smartphones are expensive. So this Lazy Old Geek (L.O.G.) decided to make my own. HowItWorks: When you park your car, you press the button, car tracker calculates the car location GPS coordinates and stores them in EEPROM so the car t ...

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