Sub-picoamp input op-amp offers high gain bandwidth

Linear Tech is aiming at high-impedance sensor transimpedance amplifiers with an op-amp that requires only 3fA of bias current (typical at 25°C) while offering 500MHz gain bandwidth product. Potential applications for the chip, called LTC6268, include interfacing ADCs to reverse leakage (linear) mode photodiodes. 20kΩ transimpedance gain is available at 65MHz, and 499kΩ with 11MHz bandwidth. FET input trans ...

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200 MHz bandwidth, education mode, digital voltmeter and frequency counter added to R&S RTM bench oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz designed the new 200 MHz models of the R&S RTM oscilloscope especially for universities and educational institutions. The education mode was developed for test and measurement practica and makes it possible to disable all analysis tools (e.g. Autoset and QuickMeas) and automatic measurements. This improves the learning effect as students and learners have to calculate measurement res ...

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