Atmel’s IoT Edge Solution

Introducing the SmartConnect SAM W25 module for edge nodes IoT applications Now on display at Electronica 2014, the SmartConnect SAM W25 module is the industry’s first fully-integrated FCC-certified Wi-Fi module with a standalone MCU and hardware security from a single source. The module includes Atmel’s recently-announced 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi WINC1500, along with an Atmel | SMART SAM D21 ARM Cort ...

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Arduino on all sorts of Atmels

Hello, this is my first instructable, so I hope someone can do anything good with it. So, what exactly is this about? Imagine: You are working on a project. You want to program in the Arduino language because of the simplicy. But you don't want to use a 28 pin monster. Or you need peripherals like CAN or similar what the normal Arduino supported MCUs don't have. So, what to do? Where are two alternatives: 1 ...

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