Make Arduino Based Home Automation Part-2 (wireless) Using ARDUINO UNO R3

Hello welcome back . This is second part of the wireless home automation . In previous part we have connected home applience with relay and controlled with arduino . In this part we are going to add wireless feature of that device . One arduino is acts as remote controller ie transmitter which transmit input signal from buttons and another arduino receives those signal and switch on home appiliences accordi ...

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Light and obstacle detecting bot using arduino

Introduction For our ECSP project we have made a bot that senses and follows light and at the same time avoids obstacles. Rationale We wanted some hands on experience in using microcontrollers and electronics in general . Using a combination of light and distance sensors seemed like a strong combination and a good learning oppurtunity. Hardware Components used:- 1)L293D motor driver 2)IC 7805 voltage regula ...

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