Make an Apple Watch Door Unlocker

What’s an Apple Watch good for? How about unlocking doors with just a tap on an app? We figured out how do something no one else has done for under 150 bucks, using standard door-strike hardware, our custom app, and a tiny RFduino microcontroller. In this Weekend Project we’ll show you exactly how to do it. We started this project to help solve a real-world problem: prevent our employees from being locked o ...

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Arduino or Twitter Mets Apple

Whenever I go to Citi Field with my kids to see the Mets, they go crazy for the Home Run Apple.To me, the Apple is part of what makes baseball exciting for kids. Even though my kids may not watch most of the games, I still enjoy bringing them along. The Home Run Apple started popping out of a top hat at Shea Stadium in 1980 and now Citi Field has an updated version of the Apple. The apple pops up when a Met ...

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