12V Lead Acid Battery Voltage Monitor

This project is a 12V Lead Acid Battery Voltage Monitor Description 12V Lead Acid Battery Monitor is a simple project which tells you the voltage of your Lead acid battery visually with the help of 10 LED’s.  This project is based on the popular LM3914 IC from Texas Instruments. The LM3914 senses the voltage level at the input pin and drives the 10 light emitting diodes based on the voltage detected on inpu ...

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LTC3305 – Lead Acid Battery Balancer

Features Single IC Balances Up to Four 12V Lead-Acid Batteries in Series All NFET Design Stackable to Balance Larger Series Battery Packs Standalone Balancing Operation: Requires No External μP or Additional Control Circuitry Balancing Current Limited by External PTC Thermistor Continuous Mode and Timer Mode Programmable UV and OV Fault Thresholds Programmable Termination Time and Termination Voltage Therma ...

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