Human-Computer Interface Technology

The Color Matching Game!

Group Members:Β Sam Payne, Prerna Ramachandra, Dillon Reisman, Abbi Ward

Human-Computer Interface Technology

Early idea sketches:

1) Gummi-Bear RGB color-mixer!

3) The β€œWaker-Upper”

Idea actually implemented:

We built a color matching game. The computer will generate a random color, then the user must use a touch sensitive slide control to try and match that color. When the user thinks that they have matched the color they press a button to accept. A blue LED will flash if the colors match and a red LED will flash if they do not match.

Human-Computer Interface Technology

The game then resets and repeats. There is no score, or meta-game these can be added to later models if desired. The difficulty of the game can be adjusted to change how closely the colors must match. This first model of the game was built with a sensor which was not ideal for the task – the resistance characteristic is exponential rather than linear depending where the user presses on it. The controls were adjusted to correct for this, but the next model should be built with a sensor with a linear characteristic to improve the feel of the user’s controls.


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