Dust Cleaner will blow away dust for a 1/3 price

Dust Cleaner will blow away dust for a 1by3 price

Compressed gas for cleaning – Dust cleaner, brings huge savings for the price of small limitations.


The name of this article might also be like „Dust Off or Dust Cleaner? Both are the sprays – compressed air for dust removal. Dust Off is a well known, long-term well-proven spray for cleaning from dust and other loose dry particles. Dust Off provides absolute safety in a form of non-flammability. However, this indisputable plus is also reflected in a price.

That´s why we bring you also a cheaper alternative – spray Dust Cleaner, which provides practically the same service like Dust Off, but for approximately only a 1/3 price. Even though compressed (liquefied) gas Dust Cleaner is flammable, but it represents much cheaper solution for all cases, when there´s no risk of ignition. for example when we work with a switched-off device, which isn´t hot at the same time and there´s no source of sparks near. That´s why it´s suitable for example for cleaning of:

● plated copper boards (disconnected from a power supply)
● micro-assemblies, servo-motors etc.
● optics, lenses and precision mechanics
● PC and other communication devices
● fans and heatsinks
● fiberglass cables connections
● connectors


For more detail: Dust Cleaner will blow away dust for a 1/3 price


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