Arduino Project Lists

Arduino Project Lists :

Arduino is widely used in thousands of interactive projects. It consists of both a microcontroller board where you can order commands and software to store new code on the go.

Her Are Arduino Projects  List!

  1. Arduino UNO based Projects List
  2. Arduino Complete Projects List
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  4. Arduino Nano Projects List
  5. Arduino Mega 2560 projects list
  6. Arduino Zero Projects List
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  15. Android based Arduino Projects
  16. Arduino RTC ds1307 Projects List


  1. Arduino MIDI Foot Pedal Keyboard
    The Origin My dad is a musician.  He can play a multitude of instruments.  However, he only has two arms, BUT he also has legs!  That's when we decided that we would reuse the foot pedals from an old organ and convert them into an…... Listed under: , ,
  2. Arduino Police Strobe Light Code
    Arduino Police Strobe Light effect, another simple variation of blink code. Arduino Police Strobe Light effect, another simple variation of blink code. Parts List; 1) 2x 5mm red LED 2) 2x 5mm blue LED 3) 1x Arduino 4) 4x 330Ω resistor 5) 1x 10kΩ potentiometer…... Listed under: , ,
  3. Arduino RFID Lock
    The Arduino RFID lock How does it work? The Arduino RFID lock is a lock that can be opened easily, but is secure. The lock works with a server database that can register card codes. On the door there is a RFID reader connected to…... Listed under: , ,
    A monochrome (single colour) LED dot matrix display is used for displaying the Characters and Symbols which is interface with a microcontroller. This project will deliberate on displaying a scrolling text message on a 48×8 LED dot matrix display. The microcontroller used is Arduino Uno…... Listed under: ,
  5. Connecting Arduino LCD Display Code
    LCD display is great way to display output from your arduino when it not connected to your computer. The common display used in arduino projects is 16×2 parallel LCD display which compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 driver. It can easily recognize with it 16 pin…... Listed under: ,
  6. Build a fully featured Arduino Thermostat
    In this post I will attempt to describe the steps I took to build the arduino based thermostat shown in the following videos. The first video was taken when around just half of the coding of the menu system was complete, but gives you a…... Listed under: ,
  7. DIY FSK RFID Reader using Arduino
    This page is describes the construction of an RFID reader using only an Arduino (Nano 3.0 was tested, but others may work), a hand-wound wire coil, and some assorted low cost common components. Credits The hardware and software designs for this project are based in…... Listed under: , ,
  8. Arduino Voltmeter Code
    This arduino projects show how to make voltmeter with your arduino. It use voltage divider concept to estimate the voltage input. Instruction; 1) Connect all jumper wire as shown in diagram. Upload this code to your arduino /*   Voltmeter   Voltmeter base on voltage divider concept.   Code based on:   Coded by: */…... Listed under: ,
  9. Arduino Temperature Sensor Code
    This arduino projects show how to read Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature with LM35 temperature sensor. Parts List; 1) 1x 16×2 parallel LCD display (compatible with Hitachi HD44780 driver) 2) 1x Arduino 3) 1x 10kΩ potentiometer 4) 1x LM35 temperature sensor 5) Jumper wire Instruction; 1)…... Listed under: , ,
  10. Web Server using Arduino
    In this example, you will use your Ethernet Shield and your Arduino to create a simple Web server. Using the Ethernet library, your device will be able to answer a HTTP request with your Ethernet shield. After opening a browser and navigating to your Ethernet…... Listed under: ,
  11. Arduino Stopwatch Code
    Arduino projects, running stopwatch on arduino. Arduino projects, running stopwatch on arduino. Parts List; 1) 1x 16×2 parallel LCD display (compatible with Hitachi HD44780 driver) 2) 1x Arduino 3) 1x 10kΩ potentiometer 4) 1x 10kΩ resistor 5) 1x switch 6) Jumper wire Instruction; 1) Connect…... Listed under: ,
  12. LED Show using Arduino Esplora
    This example shows you how to read the values from the joystick. The output will be displayed through the serial monitor and as a color on the RGB LED. The joystick has two axes, X and Y. Each axis controls a color of the RGB…... Listed under: ,
  13. Arduino RPM Counter / Tachometer Code
    Arduino projects, make arduino rpm counter with arduino.   Instruction; 1) Connect all jumper wire as shown in diagram. 2) Connect IR LED to digital pin 13. 3) Connect IR Phototransistor (dark) to digital pin 2. Make sure shorter lead connected to digital pin 2…... Listed under: ,
  14. Arduino HC-SR04 How to use Ultra Sonic Sensor
    Arduino HC-SR04 The Arduino HC-SR04 is different from most of those commonly seen on the market, which have 4 pins compared to 3 pins. But the operation principle is the same, transmit signal, and depends on when the signal is received to estimate the distance.…... Listed under: ,
  15. Arduino Hexapod Robot
    Arduino Hexapod Robot Design I will show you how to build an arduino hexapod robot, from building the body, to how to implement the algorithm. To learn about the implementation of the algorithm, read this first, if you are not sure what is IK, read…... Listed under: ,
  16. Real-Time Arduino GPS Tracker with iPhone app
    [INTRO] This past semester, I decided to build a GPS receiver with an iPhone app that tracks it for my semester project. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to show you how you can build your own. [OVERVIEW] Architecture of my Real-Time GPS Tracker project. I’ll…... Listed under: , , ,
  17. Arduino GPS Tracking System
    This was easily the most time I’ve spent producing an Arduino Tutorial. I’ve been sporadically walking around NYC with this Arduino GPS for weeks as I’ve tweaked the code and gotten it just right. If it wasn’t obvious from the title, this tutorial will teach you…... Listed under: , ,
  18. A arduino library for the MAX7221 and MAX7219
    These two chips provide an easy way to control either an array of 64 Led's or up to eight digits made of 7-segment displays with a minimum of electronic components. Besides the chip itself you will need only a single resistor and one or two…... Listed under: ,
  19. An amplifier for Arduino
    For my project, the Arduino output is not enough so digging on the net and asking to a friend some help, I managed to build an amplifier to feed my 3 computer fans. This circuit can be used as an amplifier to switch on and…... Listed under: , ,
  20. Arduino temperature controlled PC Fan
    Oscar Gonzalez gives us a simple tutorial for speed controlling a PC FAN and reading a LM35 temperature sensor with an Arduino microcontroller. He covers the use of an optocoupler, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and reading analog voltages with the Arduino. He even has a…... Listed under: , ,
  21. Power (Energy) Meter using Arduino
    Part 1.  Analog Front-End. Opto-Isolator. Looking at the Power Quality Analyzer display, I was wandering, if there is any error in the measurement results, introduced by transformer. Overall THD picture doesn’t change much, suspiciously drawing same chart in the morning and in the evening, when…... Listed under: ,
  22. Audio VU Meter using Arduino
    Biasing AC input using resistor divider and scaling up / down if necessary; Sampling fast and accurately using direct access to Control Registers of ADC and Timer1; Subtract whatever was added at step #1 from result of Analog / Digital conversion and Square; Average /…... Listed under: , ,
  23. True Analog Audio Volume Control using Arduino
    ow my Arduino can precisely measure audio input (VU meter),   and obviously, next thing that comes to mind right after measurements, is regulation or control. There are many different ways how to electronically adjust audio volume or level of AC signal.  I’ll name a few:…... Listed under: ,
  24. Sound Localization using Arduino
    Well, it’s elementary simple in theory, how to do sound localization based on phase difference of signals, that received by two spatially distant microphones. The Devil, as always, in details. I’ve not seen any such project created for arduino, and get curious if it’s possible at…... Listed under: ,
  25. Speech Synthesizer using Arduino
    Synthesized speech was for a long time the Holy Grail of computing, and back in the 1980s when a 4MHz CPU made your computer the fastest machine in the neighborhood it just wasn't practical for software to create intelligible speech. In those days the only…... Listed under:
  26. Spectrum Analyzer, Arduino project with FFT algorithm
    The basic idea was to create color organ / spectrum analyzer on arduino board, trying to minimize quantity of external components, like analog filters, LED display drivers, etc. Spend a lot of time in search on internet I was able to find only two !…... Listed under: , ,
  27. Arduino Sound Alarm
    I’ve just completed my second Arduino project, a sound level detector which sets off an “alarm” when there’s the sound level is to high for too long.  I built it for use in a school that wants to provide visual feedback to students when they…... Listed under: , ,
  28. MEGAshield KIT for Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 and Arduino DUE
    ARDUINO MEGA 2560 REV3 The MEGA 2560 is designed for more complex projects. With 54 digital I/O pins, 16 analog inputs and a larger space for your sketch it is the recommended board for 3D printers and robotics projects. This gives your projects plenty of…... Listed under: ,
  29. How To Control A Stepper Motor With An Arduino Uno
    Arduino stepper-motor
    Overview Stepper motors fall somewhere in between a regular DC motor and a servo motor. They have the advantage that they can be positioned accurately, moved forward or backwards one 'step' at a time, but they can also rotate continuously. In this lesson you will…... Listed under: ,
  30. Arduino controlled Bluetooth-bot
    This instructable will show you how to convert an old toy R/C car from the thrift-store ($1.50) into a bluetooth controlled robot. To make the conversion, you will need an Arduino (any type), an L298N dual 2-amp motor-controller (or similar), and a bluetooth serial adapter…... Listed under: ,
  31. Arduino Battery
    As many of you may know, this Lazy Old Geek loves Arduinos. Many of my projects are portable and need a battery source:   All pricing was determined about early 2012. So, I’ve been using Adafruit 6 AA Battery holder $5.00…... Listed under: ,
  32. Data Logger Project using an Arduino
    This is a data logger I made for my class. I couldn't find any instructions that I could use to make the Arduino record the light brightness and the temperature. Then display the temperature and the light value on the LCD then Save it to…... Listed under: , ,
  33. Arduino & Visual Basic 6 Light Controller
    This instructable is something like a tutorial for new VB users. It shows how to create a parser base VB6 program to interact with Arduino circuit. Basically, interaction is in the form of serial communication via the USB port. This is my practice after learning…... Listed under: ,
  34. Arduino LCD Twitter display
    a.k.a. the gratuitously complicated bidirectionally communicating Arduino-based scrolling Twitter display and notifier. ---- This project was mainly done as an excuse to learn how to use character LCD displays with my Arduino, and figure out how to make a bidirectional serial protocol.  One major design…... Listed under: , ,
  35. Arduino Touch Screen Room Control
    Hey everyone, I finally finished my touch panel for my bedroom wall and am here to show you how i made it. Unfortunately its not installed in my wall yet as I might be moving and don't want to make anymore holes in my walls,…... Listed under: ,
  36. Very Simple Arduino Electric Lock
    This is a instructable for a very simple Arduino controlled electric lock. The key idea here is to be very simple as this was more of a proof of concept prototype type of thing. The Arduino is used as a switch to control the lock…... Listed under: ,
  37. Simple Parking Sensor using Arduino
    My car has only parking sensor for the Reverse, so when I enter the Garage there is no way to know if I am close enough to the wall to allow the door to close or too close that I can hit the wall with…... Listed under: , ,
  38. Arduino Weather Station Part3, Rain
    So one of my last projects was adding a weather vane to my Arduino weather station. This Lazy Old Geek decided to add a rain gauge to it even though we don’t get much rain in the high desert. Most digital rain gauges…... Listed under: ,
  39. simpleTweet_01 python using Arduino
    Arduino Python Twitter (Windows) In this instructable we'll modify my simpleTweet_00 and rewrite the Processing code with Python. You can expect an ignorant walkthrough by an illiterate noob, but maybe that's just what you're looking for. Before you begin: If you need help installing Python,…... Listed under: ,
  40. Arduino Home automation
    This is a relatively simple controller for controlling equipment in your home. At the moment I control my central heating, security and lighting. By sending commands from my home computer. My homeeasy central heating controller hack. I am also able to login remotely from…... Listed under: , ,
  41. Arduino 4x4x4 LED Cube
    Overview: This instructable will cover the building process of an 4x4x4 LED Cube. I will be using an Arduino to control the LEDs.  Since the Arduino (Freeduino) has a total of 20 pins (including the analog pins) we will not need to have any multiplexing…... Listed under: , , ,
  42. Color Changing Night Light with ATtiny using Arduino
    I wanted to create something for my wife as a present and this is what I came up with. This is a dark activated color changing night light. It has a sensor that can tell when the room light is turned off. This then will…... Listed under: , , ,
  43. LED Dot Matrix Display using an Arduino
    In this project, you shall again use two sets of shift registers. These will be connected to the rows and columns of the dot matrix display. You will then show a simple object, or sprite, on the display and animate it. The main aim of…... Listed under: ,
  44. Simple Relay Shield for Arduino
    Shield to control 6 relay, 6 digital input and 6 analog input with Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino UNO. The digital inputs and relay outputs are equipped with an LED that indicates the status. The circuit diagram is very simple: Step 1: Schematics and PCB In this…... Listed under: ,
  45. Squirt – Arduino, motion activated water cannon
    Squirt is a motion activated water cannon using Arduino. This was designed for use in the garden but as it's winter we tested it in the bathroom. It works! True motion tracking is expensive and complicated so this system activates when the victim moves into…... Listed under: , ,
  46. Arduino Pedometer
    Problem: So my nutritionist (doesn’t everyone have a nutritionist) suggested I should increase my exercise which primarily consists of walking my dog. She even gave me a chart of activities and calories burned. Here’s an example. Well, being a LAZY OLD GEEK, I decided…... Listed under: ,
  47. Arduino Mega Pinout Diagram
    Arduino Mega Introduction: The Arduino Mega is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega1280 (datasheet). It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 14 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB…... Listed under: ,
  48. Traffic Lights Beginner Arduino Project
    This is a beginners project for the Arduino. I am using the Arduino Uno but should work with little or no modification on other arduino models. Setting up the hardware is very easy. This project is more of a training tool for learning how to program…... Listed under: , ,
  49. Arduino + Temperature + Humidity
    A simple temperature sensor using one LM35 Precision Temperature Sensor , Humidity Sensor and Arduino, so you can hookup on your future projects. The circuit will send serial information about the temperature and humidity so you can use on your computer. I have taken data…... Listed under: ,
  50. Marble Disorder – a marble maze simulator with tilt switches using Arduino
    Marble Disorder is a borderline case of Marble Madness 🙂 It simulates a marble maze by sensing the box's orientation with 2 tilt switches. Stop the press: there's a new and more intuitive version that doesn't require the spin knob (See video). I keep documenting the original…... Listed under: ,
  51. Turing Alarm for Arduino
    NOTE: This Instructable is currently incomplete. I will finish it before September 19.  I started this project after seeing Nick Johnson's Turing Alarm clock. I found that the PIC chip he used was a little too advanced for me, so I decided to use the…... Listed under: ,
  52. Arduino Electronic Dice using random numbers
    This instructable will show you how to make an electronic dice with minimal experience using 7 LEDs, resistors, jumper wires, and of course the arduino (or arduino clone). I wrote this instructable for anyone to easily follow along and learn more about the arduino. Questions…... Listed under: ,
  53. LED Hat Display with Pong using an Arduino
    A while ago, as my first microcontroller project, I made a Pong game on a 5x7 LED display, but then nothing became of it. Recently I was given a hard hat as part of a uniform (for an engineering competition) and told to customize it,…... Listed under: , ,
  54. Temperature Control For Kitchen Appliances using Arduino
    In this Instructable, I will step through controlling the temperature of most kitchen appliances. As an example, I will use an old Westbend Poppery popcorn maker (aka. coffee roaster), but these same techniques will be applicable to most hot plates, coffee makers, and waffle irons.…... Listed under: , ,
  55. Arduino Binary Alarm Clock
    This Instructable will show you how to build an binary alarm clock, with a touch sensor snooze button. This is my first instructable and my first real arduino project, I hope you like it! I bought an arduino a while back and I think it's…... Listed under: ,
  56. Arduino RFID Door Lock
    ***Updated 8/9/2010*** I wanted to make an easy and secure way to enter my garage. RFID was the best way to unlock my door, even with my hands full I can unlock the door and push it open! I built a simple circuit with a…... Listed under: , , ,
  57. Wireless Altoids Display using an Arduino
    This Instructable will show you how to modify an Altoids tin for a wireless 2x16 character display. Using an Altoids tin was inspired by the need to have a small yet protective enclosure for a pair of Xbee modules recently bought from Sparkfun. I purchased the…... Listed under: ,
  58. Fun Sun-tracking Arduino
    The Just-For-Fun Sun-tracker              using the Arduino and two servos. This device, along the lines of the most useless toy, is not so much for function as it is for fun. But as with many things, you can't spell function…... Listed under: ,
  59. Reaction Time Tester using an Arduino
    A month ago I knew nothing about Arduino and first project! Looking back, this project combines allmost all of the tutorials that I have read in this short period: blinking LED, push button, piezo and LCD display. A useful project for every beginner! I…... Listed under: ,
  60. Kid’s Game to Arduino Enigma Machine
    The technology behind Enigma machines and the work done to crack them has influenced cryptography, cryptanalysis, and computer science in general.  If you're unfamiliar with Enigma machines, it's a device that was developed near the end of World War I, then used extensively by the…... Listed under: ,
  61. DIY Arduino or The DIY-Duino
    THIS ENTIRE TUTORIAL IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE AT To quote the Arduino website: "Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments."…... Listed under: ,
  62. Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car with Arduino
    IP Control Car was launched in 2001. I make the similar function car utilizing commercialized products. The concept of Car No.02 is to utilize commercialized products, and I am an amateur in electrical. So, do not blame me that the system is not sophisticated, i.e.…... Listed under: , ,
  63. Make A Digital Clock From Scratch using arduino
    In some point in the life of every electronics hobbyist the need to make a clock is borned, in my case it was about a month after I soldered my first part on a board, but back then I didn't have the right tools, parts…... Listed under: ,
  64. Arduino Processing Audio Spectrum Analyzer
    In this Instructable I am going to show how to make a program in Processing that analyzes sound on your computer and sends data to an Arduino that controls an LED matrix to show the spectrum analysis. I will be explaining where to get materials,…... Listed under: , ,
  65. Plantduino Greenhouse using an Arduino
    This summer I wanted to combine my two loves of plant science and engineering. Thus I am constructing my very own greenhouse in my backyard. I am an undergrad, and as any former student knows, this means I move around constantly, and I am not…... Listed under: ,
  66. Arduino Solar Tracker
    What is does: It searches for the brightest light source like the sun. Step 1: How it works How it works: I'd made a sensor of 4 LDRs with sheets between them The withe stips are the LDRs   When the stick on top is…... Listed under: ,
  67. Tyco RC Arduino Robot
    Wanted to make your own robot but couldn't afford the fancy H-Bridge IC's or etch your own PCB? Want a quick and dirty method of making your own wheeled robot? Then you're in luck, but if you want to make your own wheeled robot AND…... Listed under: ,
  68. My Arduino WordClock
    The initial project, and certainly the one to which many were inspired is that of Doug Jackson. also inspired by Step 1: The Materials The list of materials for the board depends on how you plan to make the electronics, if you…... Listed under: ,
  69. Chicken Light Timer using an Arduino
    The wife is into raising chickens and now that the daylight savings is getting near she wanted a way to keep the egg laying production in high gear.  According to the material that she reads, chickens will maintain their egg laying production if they get…... Listed under: , ,
  70. Ultrasonic Range Finder with an ATtiny85 using an Arduino
    I’m here to show you how to use a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder with an ATtiny85 as well as programming the ATtiny85 using the wonderful shield that randofo created. List of materials: ATtiny85 Programming Library Arduino Uno HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder and Library Jumper Wires Breadboard ATtiny85 Step 1: Program…... Listed under: ,
  71. Auto Leveling Laser Cross using Arduino
    So this Lazy Old Geek purchased a Laser Cross. I created a manual leveling Laser Cross to use for aligning stuff on my drill press: Well, being a Geek I decided to make an automated platform that adjusts automatically with an Arduino. Well, the…... Listed under: ,
  72. Arduino 2-axis servo solar tracker
    What is a solar tracker? A solar tracker can increase the efficiency of a solar panel by up to 100%! It does this by always keeping the panel perpendicular to the incoming rays of sunlight. here's an equation to prove this: P = AW sin…... Listed under:
  73. Arduino True Random Number Generator
    This is just a fun project I have been working on in the last little while. If you like this instructable, consider voting for it in the Arduino Challenge! Anyone who has experience with programming will have probably used random numbers in their code. These random…... Listed under: ,
  74. Bubble Alarm Clock Makes Waking Up Fun using Arduino
    Waking up to a buzzing alarm clock sucks. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to wake up before the sun is out (or has been out for many hours). So what better way to make waking up fun than having a bubble party…... Listed under: , , ,
  75. Uno The Arduino Robot
    Age: 13 Meet Uno the Arduino powered robot.  Some functions include a blinking nose, moving antennas, rotating head, IR distance sensor, twin motor gear box and rotation counters.  Uno is made with relatively easy to obtain parts.  This project provides a good introduction to Arduino. robot.skp475 KB Step 1: Materials Material and tools • Foam board…... Listed under: ,
  76. Arduino Based Auto Timer
    The Need: Last week around at work I had another usual un-usual  problem to face with.  Having to make lots of mechanisms n components to work with-in seconds or fracs at times I kind-of knew this was always coming. And invariably so my poor mind…... Listed under: ,
  77. Carduino- A simple Arduino robotics platform with its own library
    This is, as the title says, an Arduino-based robotics platform, with its own library. The "standard" model comes with two back motors, two omni-wheels in the front, and a distance sensor mounted on the front. It also has breadboard space on top for adding whatever…... Listed under: ,
  78. Building a semi Smart, DIY boat with Arduino and some other sensors
    I based this off of this really nice post for building a water bottle boat, with some additions for obstacle avoidance and light-guided control. I used Arduino as a microcontroller, an ultrasonic sensor in the front, a few simple switches on the side of the boat,…... Listed under: , ,
  79. Remote controlled webcam using Arduino
    Web-enable your interactive sensors over desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. This tutorial describes in detail how to use the free SensorMonkey service to remotely control a pan and tilt webcam attached to an Arduino using nothing more than a simple webpage. The webpage can be…... Listed under: , ,
  80. Bike Speedometer using an Arduino
    Monitor your road speed using the Arduino. This project uses a magnetic switch (also called a reed switch) to measure the speed of one of the bike's wheels.  The Arduino calculates the mph, and send this information out to the LCD screen on the handlebars…... Listed under: ,
  81. Waveform Generator using an Arduino
    Waveform generators (also called function generators) are useful for testing and debugging circuits.  I often use them to test the frequency response of electronics components like op amp and sensors.  This waveform generator is powered by an Arduino.  It outputs four waveshapes: sine, triangle, pulse,…... Listed under: ,
  82. LED Matrix with Game Controller using an Arduino
    This project was built for my introductory electronics class at the University of Waterloo in Canada.  This was my first introduction to electronics and therefore, my first project. Follow these steps to build a 16 x 16 LED array with a wall (different colored LED…... Listed under: ,
  83. Sous-vide Arduino Shield
    *NOTE* THIS PROJECT IS DONE BY A GROUP OF STUDENTS FROM SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC Sous-vide (/suːˈviːd/; French for "under vacuum")[1] is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath for a long time—72 hours in some cases—at an accurately determined…... Listed under: ,
  84. Audio Output using an Arduino
    Generate sound or output analog voltages with an Arduino.  This Instructable will show you how to set up a really basic digital to analog converter so you can start generating analog waves of all shapes and sizes from a few digital pins on an Arduino. …... Listed under: ,
  85. Audio Input using an Arduino Board
    Send sound into your Arduino.  This Instructable will show you how to prepare audio so that it can be sampled and processed by an Arduino to make sound responsive projects and audio effects.  (This article is a companion to another Instructable I've written about building…... Listed under: ,
  86. DIY Arduino Motor Shield
    Today, I'm going to show you how to make an Arduino motor shield (driver) at a low cost. It works splendidly, its posses almost all the characteristics of the original Arduino motor shield. It's almost considered as a clone. The original Arduino motor shield has the…... Listed under: , ,
  87. Arduino Board Step Sequencer
    I was wondering about on making a sequencer, a big 16 step sequencer was what I wanted to make. To it's full extension with lots of features including single leds for each step, midi input and output, etc. Then I realised that I should start from a…... Listed under: ,
  88. Localizer with SIM908 module using Arduino
    The device is based on a GSM/GPRS module with included GPS. Its main function is to detect and communicate its own geographical position using, on the choice, the cellular phone reference system or the GPS. Its small dimensions are due to the use, for the…... Listed under: , ,
  89. GSM GPS shield for Arduino Board
    Shield for Arduino designed and based on the module GSM/GPRS SIM900 or the GSM/GPRS & GPS module SIM908, to make calls, voice and data connections via GPRS. HARDWARE INNOVATIONS This new version (old Arduino GSM shield) has several new hardware features, that allow maximum customization…... Listed under: , ,
  90. Easy Bluetooth Enabled Door Lock With Arduino + Android
    Thanks to everyone who supported this project and voted for it in the Arduino Challenge! I was awarded second prize and hope to participate in more Arduino contests in the near future. This tutorial will explain a simple way to make a password protected bluetooth…... Listed under: , ,
  91. Beginners guide to building Arduino robots with Bluetooth and Android
    In this tutorial we are going to go over building a Arduino robot that can be controlled via bluetooth with an Android phone/tablet. This is a beginners guide that is going to briefly go over the process of wiring and programming your robot. Build list... The following is the list…... Listed under:
  92. LINUSBot – Line Follower Robot using Arduino
    The operation of this Robot is quite simple. Infra-red sensors placed at the front of the chassis  will monitor when our Robot is over a black line or when it is over a white background. In this project we will use the appropriate rounded chassis…... Listed under: ,

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