3dpBurner. An Open Source 3D printed laser cutter/engraver.

3dpBurner is an open source laser cutter/engraver CNC machine. It is created with the same RepRap concept, by using 3D printed parts and some easy to find "vitamins" (non printed hardware). I tried to design as cheap as possible, by using comon electronics and a "low power" laser (a laser diode). The X/Y working area is fully customisable by simply cutting the rods to desired length. The max object height f ...

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How to build an open WiFi finder using ESP8266 and two coin batteries

In the past few months ESP8266 has created a real revolution in the IoT space. I’m using it in a project that will hit Indiegogo in a month or so and you, of course will support me ☺ During the development process I’ve learned a lot and I want to share a part of it. Let’s build cheap open WiFi finder together! Software NodeMcu firmware https://github.com/nodemcu/nodemcu-firmware ESP8266 flasher http://www.x ...

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[FTC] Open Feathercoin ATM

Open Fethercoin ATM is an open-source automated teller machine for education and experimentation. Based on John Mayo Smith’s OpenBitcoinATM which can be seen in action here A “voucher” is printed containing a private key QR Code that has been pre-loaded with the correct value of Feathercoin for the denomination deposited during the setup stages. Designed to work with any currency taken note or coin that out ...

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