Arduino Lock Bar…sorta

This project was tough but nothing worth doing is easy and i am ver proud that i was able to accomplish what i did. To know that my skills are further than they once were is a reward on their own.......but how did i get to where i am now? unfortunately i couldn't get it to work in its entirety and this is also my first one so have mercy jk...sorta. Step 1: Supplys First off i had to get supplys... (Arduino ...

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3D Print the Ultimate Helping Hands for a PCB Workstation

I am the Senior Analyst of the Electronic Forensics Unit of the Carabinieri (Italian Military Police) and I deal with technical investigations on seized electronic devices. I spend most of my day in a well-equipped electronic laboratory, but I was lacking a tool for performing technical assessments on printed circuit boards (PCBs). I needed a way to secure small boards on my workbench and place multiple pro ...

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Garage Door Fingerprint Lock

This is an electronic garage door opener designed around a SparkFun GT-511C1R fingerprint scanner. There is already a very good instructable by user nodcah that describes how to build almost this exact device, from which I took 99% of my inspiration. I'm posting this to easily share with my local makerspace, and for anyone who likes to see things done slightly differently. The door opener system consists of ...

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