NESBot: Arduino Powered Robot beating Super Mario Bros for the NES

This guide will take you through the steps to build an NES playing robot You will need: An Arduino Duemilanove (other boards will probably work, but you will have to adjust the steps for your device) Working NES Console Super Mario Bros. (Note: this must be only the single game, not the two- or three-in-one cartridge) A controller you can cut the cord from Two LEDs (two different colors are recommended but ...

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NES in a Cartridge using Arduino

Have your ever seen any of "Ben Hecks" portable console builds? Well if you haven't, he often uses these Chinese Famicom clone consoles. These cloned consoles are often times refered to as NOAC's, meaning NES On A Chip. They are called this because they are a fully functional Nintendo Entertainment System literally on one chip. The best part about the NOAC is that they include a 60 pin famicom game port, wh ...

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