Morse Code Decoder

Morse code is used in telecommunication; it is a method of transmitting and receiving coded information. Each character (letter or numeral) is coded/represented by a unique sequence of dots and dashes. Compared to voice, Morse code is less sensitive to poor signal conditions, yet still comprehensible to humans without a decoding device, therefore, a useful alternative to synthesized speech for sending autom ...

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The morse code generator by a PS\2 keyboard using Arduino

Hi, all! Today I' m trying to explain you my last project: "The morse code generator by a PS\2 keyboard" I' ve used an PS/2 keyboard to send input to my Arduino board (like described in here) and transform it in morse code that activate a speaker and a relay. Components: - PS\2 keyboard - Arduino Uno(or others) - Wires - 5V relay - BC547 transistor - Small speaker - Recirculation Diode Step 1: Setting hardw ...

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Arduino Morse Code Shield

Morse code was the breakthrough that made possible long-distance communication in the era of the telegraph. The code represents alphanumeric characters by short and long intervals of signal -- those familiar dots and dashes. For many years passing a Morse code test was a prerequisite of getting a Ham license, but nowadays most radio amateurs use it only infrequently. No longer are ship-to-ship distress sign ...

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