LiFePO4wered/Solar1 – Solar power supply for IoT devices

Solar power is not trivial, especially if it needs to be reliable and have a long lifetime for outdoor deployment such as IoT sensor nodes. This project is an effort to create a complete, easy to use solar power system that provides the following features:
LiFePO4wered Solar1 – Solar power supply for IoT devices

– LiFePO4 battery for high charge cycle count, high temperature performance and 3.2V output voltage (compatible with most chips used in IoT).
– Switch mode MPPT charge controller for high efficiency, 4.5-28V solar input range.
– Charge and output current up to 3A (depending on the battery capacity).
– Automatic heater control to bring the battery up to temperature before charging, ensuring maximum battery life.
– Low voltage cutoff disconnects the load from the battery when the battery voltage becomes too low, again ensuring maximum battery life.
– User can set MPPT voltage, charge current and connect an external thermistor if desired.

  • Since the components list here on is a horrendous way to publish a BOM and a BOM needs to be published for projects entering the “Best Product” Hackaday Prize category, I decided to upload a spreadsheet instead. 🙂 I also tested the FindChips software Hackaday was pushing, and it’s pretty cool, but I didn’t get much support to add components it didn’t know about. Anyway, here’s also a link to that BOM. Enjoy!

  • For sale on Tindie!

    Patrick Van Oosterwijck06/29/2017 at 17:04 0 comments

    Finally got around to taking some product pictures and writing enough documentation to be able to start selling the prototypes I built on Tindie!

    Hopefully with the connection diagram and design information it will be possible for most people with some electronics background to use these successfully.

    I’ll duplicate some of this information here for those interested in how to make use of this board:

Read more: LiFePO4wered/Solar1 – Solar power supply for IoT devices

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