Arduino Dragon Wings

Hello World!!
I am making this Instructables on how to make arduino controlled dragon wings. XD
I planned on wearing these dressed as Smaug to ‘The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug’ premier but I didn’t complete the entire outfit in time, but I will continue working on it and up date this page when I am done, and then where it to the final installment of The Hobbit!! XD

Arduino Dragon Wings

Step 1: Materials

Structure materials

1)1/4 bolts x24

2)1/4 washers


4)lock washers

5)Hinges x2

6)wood(of course)

Step 2: Measurments/cutting

I used a handsaw, scroll saw, and a table saw to do all my cutting. All of my cutting I did in my schools woodshop, with a second person in the room.

I realized I did not put in the length of F and E


Step 3: Putting Together

first! drill thy holes for your bolts!

then after that follow the graph and put the pieces together.

put a washer between each piece including the bottom before the lock washer. then fit on the nut.

after you got that attach the wings to the hinges the same way.

when your done you should be able to pull on the tip of ‘B’ and your wing will expand out.

When you put it on the base board you need to put an extra block between the hinge and base so that the ‘B’ piece is not hitting anything.

I got the basic wing design from here

For more detail: Arduino Dragon Wings

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