USB NES controller with an arduino! using arduino

UPDATE 22-12-2014
Instructables user mattpbooth has updated the code and is hosting it on github:…

Thanks Matt!

USB NES controller with an arduino!

UPDATE 03-12-2011

Replaced a println with print (derp).

UPDATE 01-12-2011

Remade all code from scratch.

Remade ‘ible code section; Now includes a ‘Processing COM port config for dummies’

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present 8bit pleasure.. yours for the grabbing! Whether you use GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows the USB NES controller is compatible.

Will this in any way alter the controller?

Nope, the controller will stay the same so you can still use it on a real NES

But I don’t have an arduino ;_;

You can use the parallel port:

Buy an arduino:

Or a retrozone NES kit:

Step 1: Ingredients for some awesome controller soup

You will need:
A NES controller
An Arduino
A USB cable type B
Something you can use as a Casing
and some wire..
Optional: NES port

Arduino software

Step 2: How to connect the arduino to the nes controller

With some wire connect the pins according to the texts on both pictures..
You could also use the controller port from a NES (a broken one, don’t waste a working one).

You want something vaguely similar to the last picture.

USB NES controller with an arduino!

Step 3: Code

UPDATE 22-12-2014

Instructables user mattpbooth has updated the code and is hosting it on github:

Thanks Matt!

Hey guys, I’ve completely rewritten the code and it should work now flawlessy.
The only adjustment you might need to make is to the Processing Sketch; you need to adjust which COM port it should use.
To do this please follow these steps carefully!

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