Amazon Dash Replenishment Pens

A pen holder that determines when there are two or less pens and triggers an Amazon pen set replacement. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Crayola Air Dry Clay × 1 OpenBuilds Micro Limit Switch × 5 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Amazon Web Services AWS SNS Hand tools and fabrication machines Soldering iron (generic) Story I used the Arduino MKR1000 as the mic ...

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[Arduino] Linefollower with photoresistors

I built a linefollower robot that could be used in many different ways, and I summed up my project in some steps. To begin with, all you need is the following parts: Step 1: Robot frame Parts List: -Robot frame -Two wheels -Two DC motors How to: I used an old robot frame with two wheels commanded by two DC motors, but you can use an equivalent solution as well. Step 2: Sensor ir + photoresistor Parts List: ...

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