Interfacing Graphical LCD (ST7920) with Arduino

There are many types of LCDs used in Electronic Projects. We have already used 16X2 LCD in many of our projects and also used TFT LCD with Arduino. You can find our entire 16X2 LCD related project by following this link, including interfacing with 8051, AVR, Arduino and many more. The ST9720 Graphical LCD is totally different from the Ordinary LCDs. Ordinary LCD can only print simple text or numbers within ...

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Arduino Voltmeter Prototype

In this instructable, I'll show you how to make a simple arduino voltmeter. It can measure voltages in excess of 30VDC depending on how you configure it. The smaller the voltage range you want to measure, the more accurate that your meter will be. This project is going to be apart of a gauss meter that I am making to measure magnetic fields strength as well as magnetic field polarity. This instructable shou ...

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