The STM32L5 microcontroller series is the solution and provides a new optimal balance between performance, power, and security

Security has emerged as one of the 3 key areas that developers of embedded and IoT applications are thriving to improve. The STM32L5 microcontroller series is the solution and provides a new optimal balance between performance, power, and security. The STM32L5 MCU series harnesses the security features of the Arm Cortex-M33 processor and its TrustZone for Armv8-M combined with ST security implementation. ST-proprietary ultra-low-power technologies create a class-leading MCU for energy-conscious applications such as the Internet of things (IoT), medical, industrial and consumer.

Key Features

  • More Security with TrustZone Security and ST Security Implementation
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Integration, Size, Performance: More performance, Large Memory Size and Wide Portfolio
  • A Full Set of Security Options​​

Additional Features

A full set of security options:

  • Flexible hardware and software secure isolations with TrustZone
  • Enhanced security services:
    • dedicated secure user memory space for Secure Boot, symmetric and asymmetric crypto accelerations, memory and IP protection
    • independent readout protection between secure/non-secure domains, active I/O tamper detection
    • certified crypto lib, embedded Secure Firmware Install loader and ecosystem.

Low power consumption:

  • EEMBC ULPBench®: 402 ULPMark-CP score
  • Embedded SMPS step down converter (optional)
  • Best power consumption numbers with full flexibility:
    • 33 nA in shutdown mode
    • 3.6 µA in stop mode with full SRAM and peripheral states retention with 5µs wake-up time
    • Down to 60 µA/MHz in active mode

Integration, size, and performance:

  • Better application responsiveness:
    • New Arm® Cortex®-M33 at 110 MHz performance: +20% versus Cortex®-M4
    • New ST ART Accelerator: working both on internal and external Flash (8 Kbytes of instruction cache)
  • Capable of achieving 165 DMIPS and 442 CoreMark scores
  • High integration and innovation: large memory, USB Type-C with power delivery controller, CAN FD
  • Large portfolio: 7 package types (LQFP48, QFN48, LQFP64, WLCSP81, LQFP100, UFBGA132 and LQFP144)


  • Factory Automation
  • Motor Control
  • Electricity Meter
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Bike
  • Electronic Door Lock


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