The SSA3000X-plus spectrum analyzer from Siglent Technologies combines the performance and reliability of the highly successful SSA3000X series with the features and ease of use of the SVA1000X series. By Nick Flaherty @ www.mwee.com

Siglent Technologies has launched a spectrum analyzer family that adds ease of use to its high performance platform.

The Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer SVA1032X family is available with bandwidths from 9 kHz to 2.1 GHz. With the smallest resolution bandwidth (RBW) of 1 Hz, a noise level of
-161dBm can be displayed. Together with the amplitude accuracy of <0.7 dB, even the smallest signals just above the noise of the device can be detected and measured.

The “advanced measurements” option that combines the SSA3000X and AMK has also been extended with two additional measurements. In addition to the previous measurements of channel power (CP), adjacent channel power (ACPR), occupied bandwidth (OBW), TOI and waterfall diagram (monitor), the harmonic and carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) measurements are now also implemented. The available EMC option offers EMI filter bandwidths of 200Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1 MHz as well as the quasi-peak detector defined in CISPR.

In addition to the improvements and additions to the well-known functions, a completely new function has been added to the SSA3000X-plus. So, now there is a vector signal analysis option for analog and digital modulations (SSA3000X plus-AMA/DMA) available. This can be used, for example, to measure the error vector magnitude (EVM) of PSK, MSK or QAM modulated signals.


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