Project curve tracer – progress update

As the hardware is at the point of initial release, but the firmware and GUI aren’t quite there yet, I decided that it would be prudent to split off the firmware and GUI components into their own GIT repositories. Tracking all files in the same repository was convenient through the initial stages of project development, but splitting them allows for more targeted releases and will likely make contributions easier. For instance, if someone wished to write a Java client, then they could simply fork the GUI repository and not worry about the hardware and firmware repositories.

Project curve tracer – progress update

As it stands, there are three repositories:

  • hardware – dedicated to the KiCAD, gerber and BOM files
  • firmware – dedicated to the C files that comprise the firmware of the microcontroller
  • GUI – dedicated to the GUI (currently Python)

Hardware Progress

We have released v1.0 of the hardware! This release supports:

  • Your choice of visualization, Oscilloscope or Desktop
  • Use of XY mode available on most oscilloscopes
  • Maximum of +/-5.0V on the probe outputs
  • Gate voltage application of up to 5.0V
  • Transistor base current of up to 10mA
  • Uses USB for the power supply (connects as Virtual COM Port)

Once the firmware and GUI catch up wit the hardware in maturity, we will create a curve tracer page in the references to get you up and running quickly!

Firmware Progress

Minor improvements and functionality have been added to the firmware. Specifically, two XY outputs were added to support the oscilloscope XY mode. These are simply PWM outputs that reflect the measured component voltage and current. There have been some small bug-fixes and improvements, but the firmware has been working well for some time now and is nearing that ‘v1.0’ milestone.

Client GUI Progress

The Client has shown the most progress in recent weeks. We can save a live plot as a CSV file, recall that plot, and erase it. We can also ‘run’ and ‘pause’ the live plot as needed.

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