Ohmkara Breadboarding MultiTool: Electronics Prototyping


Our mission is to bring electronics curriculum to at-risk, Bay-Area middle and high school students who have little to no access to electronics or tech curriculum.

Electronics Prototyping


We have designed a multi-tool that, with our curriculum, will inspire students and ease the minds of teachers and educators. The simple tool allows for previously unseen efficiency in the learning and building process. We plan to create a sponsorship model where people like you can purchase these tools from our website and we would then donate them to schools in need.

We need the money from this Kickstarter campaign to create our injection molding tooling, create your tools, and spread the word about our cause. Please join us on this adventure!

We are three Stanford University seniors just finishing our degrees in Engineering: Product Design. We are very passionate about this project. Please check us out on our website at:

For more Details: Ohmkara Breadboarding MultiTool: Electronics Prototyping

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