Long Distance Remote Light Sensor With RFM95W/RFM98W LoRa

There are many wireless communication options when connecting Arduino boards. One of the most popular ones is the Wi-Fi. It works well at small distances, and around Wi-Fi hotspots, however when the modules need to connect over long distance at areas where Internet is not present, Wi-Fi is not an option. Luckily there is a great and easily available alternative – the LoRa (Long Range Wide-area network) modules allow sending small packets of data between modules over very long distances (5 Km or more) .Long Distance Remote Light Sensor With RFM95W-RFM98W LoRa

Visuino has support for a number of LoRa Modules, and I was planning tutorial for quite some time, since I had some Adafruit LoRa modules. However, recently the great people at Makerfabs, sent me 2 RFM95W 868MHz based LoRa Shields, and even a great Arduino UNO compatible Maduino UNO board. The Makerfabs modules are of exceptionally good quality, and I decided to make this tutorial with them.

In this tutorial I will show you how easy it is to install the LoRa shields on 2 Arduino UNO boards, and program them with Visuino to transmit data over long distance.

Step 1: Components

  • 3 Female-Male jumper wires

Step 2: Connect the Makerfabs LoRa Shield, and the Light Sensor Module to Arduino

First we will assemble the Sending Arduino project:

  • Connect Female ends of the Ground(Black wire), Power(Red wire), and Signal(Blue wire) to the Photoresistor Module (Picture 5)
  • Connect the other end of the Ground wire(Black wire) to the Ground pin of the Arduino board (Picture 6)
  • Connect the other end of the Power wire(Red wire) to the 5V power pin of the Arduino board (Picture 6)
  • Connect the other end of the Signal wire(Blue wire) to the Analog pin 0 of the Arduino board (Picture 6)

Step 3: Start Visuino, and Add LoRa Shield to the Arduino ComponentLora Shield Long Distance Remote Light Sensor With RFM95W-RFM98W LoRa

To start programming the Arduino, you will need to have the Arduino IDE installed from here: http://www.arduino.cc/.

For more detail: Long Distance Remote Light Sensor With RFM95W/RFM98W LoRa

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