Arduino Pilot Remote Control Has Range Up to 1500 Meters

Schindler Technologies is “a group of highly skilled aerospace engineers, PCB designers and tinkerers who love constructing Arduino projects.” The group developed a Pilot Remote Control that has the look and feel of an RC controller, able to control Arduino projects from a distance of 1500 meters. The project is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund initial components.

The controller is built around the NRF25IO1 module, included with the Pilot Remote Control unit. The system has two joysticks, the NRF header, two programmable buttons, an LCD display, and Arduino pinouts for users to connect more tech if desired. The 1500 meters range requires the use of NRF+ modules, while a standard module can achieve control distances in the 100 meter range. Communication rates can reach speeds of up to 2 Megabytes per second. The controller is built from an ATMEga32U4 base and includes a voltage sensor that reads in the 6 to 20 Volt range. The kit is deliberately bare bones to let the end user customize the case based on how many additional units will be plugged into the controls. Fourteen pins are available on the Arduino board for the user to connect SPI, I2C, 5 Volt or 3.3 Volt components.

The Kickstarter will deliver the Pilot Remote Control board with joysticks attached, the LCD screen and either the NRF or the NRF+ module. This is a bare bones kit that beginner robotics enthusiasts can use as-is or more advanced users can customize. The general programming can be downloaded from the project website and Schindler is committed to keeping the projects open sourced for the board layout, schematics, and Eagle design files. This Kickstarter campaign is also bare bones, there’s not a slick marketing video included but instead a few videos showing the response rate of a drone using the control, and one showing a screen reacting to controller moves. The campaign ends on February 6, 2019.

Source: Arduino Pilot Remote Control Has Range Up to 1500 Meters

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