Mini Arduino DIY CNC drawing machine

Makers and Arduino enthusiasts looking for a new project to keep them busy this weekend may be interested in a new DIY CNC drawing machine created by Mr Innovative. The tiny CNC plotter uses an Arduino Nano and two L293D ICs mounted to a custom PCB. Which have been translated into the proper format via Inkscape and Processing for your convenience. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about how to construct your very own mini DIY CNC drawing machine using a little Arduino hardware and programming.

CNC drawing machine

Mr Innovative explains a little more about the project and its construction. “I have made a mini size CNC plotter machine out of mini stepper motor mechanism. To controller this CNC machine we need a microcontroller board called arduino Nano and we need motor driver IC for each stepper motor that is L293D IC. All the electronics components are solder on a costume made PCB. I prepared a PCB layout and order it from JLCPCB.COM as soon as PCB are received it just need to solder header pins,PCB terminals & CNC is ready to load code to run.”

Source: Mini Arduino DIY CNC drawing machine

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