Arduino ATmega328 – Hardcore

Ok, you’ve completed your prototype using an Arduino Uno board, perhaps using a shield or a breadboard for any additional components, but now you want to finalise your design and construct it using your own pcb. Well, that is fairly straightforward, as we have made a complete kit of essential parts available for the ATMega328 micro (click here). The kit includes the following items (depending on which bootloader chip 16MHz or 8MHz)

Arduino ATmega328 - Hardcore

ATMega328 complete with Arduino Bootloader already installed

  • 8 or 16MHz Crystal and capacitors
  • 3.3V or 5V Voltage Regulator and 47uF capacitor
  • PCB mount reset switch and 10K pullup resistor
  • 0.1uF capacitor for self-reset
  • LED and resistor

Arduino ATmega328 - Hardcore

The kit includes the essential items to create your own Arduino 328 board. Here is a breadboard with all the components mounted and running the demo led flash program
The White, Yellow and Green wires are connected to a serial TTL connection for programming the microcontroller (see below)

And below is the schematic for this circuit.


For more detail: Arduino ATmega328 – Hardcore

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