The Pendulum Clock

If you've ever rode the Link Light Rail in Seattle to the airport, you may have glanced out of the window while traveling through a tunnel and seen playing cards illuminated on the walls. These images are not made from two dimensional screens. Each display is just a row of lights that changes rapidly as the train drives by, giving the illusion of a two-dimensional picture. The University Street station also ...

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Arduino led pendulum

Step 2: Putting up the wires Strip both ends of wires -insert one end of each wire into sockets numbered -Gnd(black wire in my case)-this will be the common ground connection - 13  (green wire in my case) - 12  (yellow wire in my case) - ~11  (orange wire in my case) - ~10  (red wire in my case) - 9    (brown wire in my case) - 8    (brown wire in my case) Step 3 ...

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