Smart Aquarium

The goal of our project is to display the status of a previously implemented smart aquarium. The previously implemented system includes an external power supply, Arduino Uno, Ethernet Shield, ULN2803 driver, 4 120V AC relays, and 4 controlled 120V AC receptacles, and a servo motor feeding system. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31095,31094"] The four controlled receptacles supply power to three diff ...

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Arduino – Getting my LCD Screen to work

I’ve gotten hold of what I assumed was a compatible 16×2 LCD screen with my Arduino board – it’s a Powertip PC1602F and uses a compatible display driver for the Hitachi HD44780 display chip. This is essentially what the Arduino LCD libraries are built around, so when I failed to get a display this is the first thing that I checked out. I also downloaded and installed Arduino 0017 which has a better and more ...

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