obniz – API managed IO on the Cloud

Cloud connected Development Board obniz is development board which has 12 IO and WiFi-BLE module. It can be controlled through the APIs on obniz cloud, either through the REST or WebSocket API. obniz API can be used in javascript. So, obniz programs written in JavaScript can run on a webpage, so "Turning on a motor by pressing a button on the Web" is an easy task! With obniz, it's easy to make any hardware ...

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MKR1000 Servo Control Panel

A servo controller using the built-in WiFi abilities of the Arduino MKR1k. The panel consists of a MKR1k web listener and Javascript/ajax. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Servos (Tower Pro MG996R) Breadboard (generic) Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story Arduino and servos have pretty much gone together from the inception of the legendary Arduino hardware proje ...

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Espruino Pico: JavaScript on a USB Stick

It’s a tiny microcontroller board that runs JavaScript, making it easier than ever to control electronics in the real world. Espruino Pico has everything you need pre-installed. It can be used from virtually any device with a USB port so you can get started in seconds.   For more detail: Espruino Pico: JavaScript on a USB Stick ...

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