WiFi Controlled Robot using Arduino

There are many types of Robots, from the simple ones like a Toy car to the advanced ones like industrial Robots. We have already covered many types of Robots using different technologies, have a look at them: Line Follower Robot using 8051 Microcontroller Line Follower Robot using Arduino DTMF Controlled Robot using Arduino And now we are adding one more Robot in our ‘Robotics Projects’ section, this time w ...

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The Versatile Arduino Robot using arduino

This is my first arduino robot, and I am quite happy with the outcome. What I came up with is a robot that with modifications can do just about anything in the realm of small arduino robots. The electronics are very simple. You only need an H bridge, and a simple setup for the sensor that you are using (in this case the QRD-1114 infrared reflective sensor). The chassis is also very simple. implementing the ...

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