Select circuit-protection devices with free online tool

The free ESD Suppression Selection Tool, from Littelfuse captures the environment where a circuit-protection device resides, and then runs a software simulation of the device. “This tool doesn’t evaluate our part as a standalone device because the part never operates as a standalone device,” said Chad Marak, director of semiconductor business development for Littelfuse. “It always operates with something else—an ASIC or an IC. You have to consider the whole system.”

Select circuit-protection devices with free online tool

The iDesign ESD Suppression Selection Tool compares ESD levels on selected devices and identifies which can offer the most robust performance for the application. (Source: Littelfuse)

Targeted at overvoltage situations involving ESD (electrostatic discharge), the new tool distills the process of selecting TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode arrays down to about five minutes. Users enter the specifics of the environment via software and add device settings, including maximum capacitance, maximum leakage current, application details, and the number of lines that need to be protected. From that information, the software simulates the operation of protection devices, then creates a list of devices that offer the most robust performance for the application.

”Ordinarily, it’s an extremely lengthy process to figure out which device will work in your design,” Marak told us. “The biggest part of that is searching through data sheets from manufacturers — tens of data sheets, sometimes hundreds of data sheets. What we’re trying to do with this tool is bring that lengthy process down from hours or days to about five minutes.”


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