MEC extender – and you´re a level higher

We already know, that Switches MEC Unimec switch in up to eight ways and also that they´re available as momentary or alternate (latching). UNIMEC switches feature perhaps only one “disadvantage” – that on the same PCB no other higher components can be used (which would be higher than the switch). If you´re satisfied with the UNIMEC features, but despite that you cannot use them in your application right for their (low) height, we have for you a solution. It is based on usage of the „16270 extender“. In combination with any right-angle cap of the 16300 series and with a prolonged bezel 16324 (16325,16326) we gain by this combination a switch higher in 4.5 mm. This simple solution is also suitable for cases don´t have high components on a PCB but from any reason it´s advantageous, when some room will be left between a front panel and a PCB (for cooling, …)

MEC extender - and you´re a level higher

  • extender 16270 to gain extra 4.5mm to the height of the switch
  • for all caps of the 16300 series
  • quality 2-pole switches
  • 250 mA/120V, 9W AC, 6W DC
  • 8 ways to connect
  • gold- or silver-coated contacts
  • high-temperature version is also available (up to 160°C)
  • momentary/ latching-alternate version
  • IP54 protection
  • with or without LED indication

For More Details: MEC extender – and you´re a level higher

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