Learn about the Internet of Things with the Arduino Explorer kit

If you would like to learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) or working education and would like to provide an introduction to the world of IoT. You may be interested to know that the official Arduino team has released a newly updated Explore IoT Kit providing everything you need to teach the Internet of Things to high school students, hobbyists or yourself. Now equipped with more comprehensive getting started material to help students and educators when first opening the kit.

The Internet of Things kit provides all the necessary hardware for up to two students, including one MKR WiFi 1010 board, an MKR IoT carrier with five tactile buttons and LCD display, a set of sensors and actuators, cables and a battery holder.

“The Explore IoT Kit includes access to an online platform with 10 exciting learning activities, which introduce students to core concepts of IoT and challenge them to build real-world applications. All learning materials include theory, building instructions, detailed illustrations, assembly animations, and code. The learning content of the Explore IoT Kit is aligned with the Computer Science Standards (CSTA).”

The Arduino Explorer Internet of Things kit helps you get started with the Internet of Things! Learn how to collect, store, and visualize data, build remotely controlled applications, and improve everyday life with smart devices. Teach students about the different applications of the Internet of Things by building real-world smart devices. Students will explore the fundamental concepts of IoT, such as sensors, automation, data collection & analysis, graphing, cloud storage, and remote control. Each kit includes all necessary hardware, software, learning content, and support.”

Souce: Learn about the Internet of Things with the Arduino Explorer kit

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