Digital Compass

This project uses SmartEverything Development Board’s on-board iNEMO 9-axis intertial module to make a digital compass.

Digital Compass


The Digital Compass project uses the SmartEverything Development Board’s on-board iNEMO 9-axis inertial module specifically the 3D Magnetometer. The magnetometer module is sampled for the x and y axis readings and then computed its compass headings.

The project is partnered with the gen4-uLCD-24DT to graphically display a rotating compass, and accurately represent the compass heading.

How it Works


  • uSD card
  • Flat flex cable
  • gen4-IB
  • 5-way cable
  • uUSB cable
  • 5V External Power Supply

Installing SmartEverything Board

Step 1: Install the Arduino SAMD Boards

  • Open the Arduino IDE, then go to the Tools tab, select the Boards then the Boards Manager.

On the drop-down menu box select “Arduino” and then choose the “Arduino SAMD Boards”, select the file and install.

Step 2: Install the AMEL-Tech Boards

  • Then go back to the drop-down menu box, select “Partner” and choose the AMEL-Tech Boards”, select the file and install.
  • Once the installation is complete, connect your SmartEverything development board and it should be detected the PC under the “Control Panel”.

Step 3: Download the libraries for the SmartEverything Board

  • Go to Sketch and hover over the “Include Library” to select the “Manage Libraries” this will prompt a pop-up window.

On the pop-up window, select the “Type” drop-down menu bar and select “Partner”

Install all the necessary libraries related to the SmartEverything Board so you do not encounter any error or missing libraries.

The SmartEverything Libraries include:

  • SmartEverything HTS221 by Seve – Library code for HTS221 Capacitive digital sensor for relative humidity and temperature.
  • SmartEverything LPS25H by Seve – Library code for LPS25H MEMS pressure sensor
  • SmartEverything LSM9DSI by Seve – Library code for LSM9DS1 iNemo intertial module.
  • SmartEverything NFC NT3H1101 by Mik – Library code for NXP NT3H1101 a NFC_i2C Module
  • SmartEverything SE868-AS by Seve – Library code for the Telit SE868-AS GPS System
  • SmartEverthing SIGFOXLE51-868 by Mik – Library code for the TELEIT LE51-868 a SIGFOX Module
  • SmartEverything VL6180X by Mik – Library code for the Ambient Light and Proximity sensor from ST component.

For more information regarding the SmartEverything Development Board, you can download the user manual using this link.

Loading the Graphics & Codes

Step 1: Build

Build the circuit as shown in the diagram. Please note that the SmartEverything Board built as a low-power device, which cannot power-up the gen4 HMI display alone. You must need an external power supply and follow the schematic diagram.

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