CamPoint: Smarter than smart home security

A home security and video monitoring breakthrough. Security and privacy, without the monthly fees.

Controlled directly from your mobile phone or tablet, CamPoint is a unique device that connects wirelessly with security cameras to make them smart. Experience the peace of mind that having security and  privacy brings.

Why CamPoint is unique

CamPoint harnesses the latest video home security technology and lets you customize it to your own safety and privacy requirements.

CamPoint Smarter than smart home security

You decide which events are important, and which ones justify an instant alert sent to your mobile device. Don’t need alerts for your pet walking around your home, a shadow moving across a room or cars passing by near a window? Not a problem, CamPoint learns quickly, so you only see what matters to you:

You also control which footage is stored privately in-home and which goes to the cloud, making it harder for unauthorized people to access your personal video footage.


For more detail: CamPoint: Smarter than smart home security

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