AT89C2051 Development Stick


89C2051 Development Stick kit offers an easy way of interfacing 89C2051 compatible MCU’s.

Slim design with plug in type approach
Voltage regulator on board for stable and regulated supply to the MCU
RESET switch for resetting the MCU
0592 MHz Crystal
4K external EEPROM
Power-On LED for indicator
20-Pin well marked Berg connector for ease of connection
Access to all IO pins & supply pin on the Berg connector
20-Pin IC socket for MCU
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
PCB dimensions 35 mm x 72 mm

This is a development board made available in form of a SIMM fashion module for your project. This board accepts all compatible MCUs to the 89C2051 from ATMEL.

This board can be used as a plug-in daughter card in your project with all the IO pins of the MCU coming out.

Power input to the board is applied at Pin #1 and #2
Regulated power is available at Pin# 4 of Connector J1
An Onboard Reset Switch offers a easy way to reset the Microcontroller
LED D1 indicates power on board
Optionally, a 24C04 EEPROM on the module can help you store valuable data on it for your project
If you don’t wish to use the EEPROM you can omit to assemble R4, R5 and U3
If you plan to power this module from your Project PCB then you can omit to assemble U2, C6
Crystal supplied with this kit is 11.0592 MHz. If you intend to use other frequency crystal, please replace Y1, C2 and C3 components as per specification mentioned in the data sheet of the Microcontroller

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